Wednesday, May 29, 2013

On the edge

Reagan did not sleep much last night. Thankfully we had our night nurse and she held Reagan (and she slept off and on in her arms). No more nausea after switching over to pedialyte, so that's good. Of course, now we have to add back formula so we'll see how that goes. She's had THREE dirty diapers today (all before 12:30pm)...I'm guessing that could make anyone's tummy a little uneasy. She definitely seemed the most calm after the third one! She ended up having a good day today. She was still slightly on edge (she did NOT like the lawn guy mowing outside), but she had multiple therapies/school and she did well with them all! Tonight she was pretty spitty, but no real nausea (at half formula/half pedialyte). I could tell she was getting a little more tense as the night went on and about an hour after her night nurse got here, she started up with the crying! Poor thing. Her tummy was rumbling, so I wonder if maybe she has more business to take care of. I gave her a dose of clonidine and Daddy rocked her on the swing until she fell asleep. Hopefully she continues to sleep. I'm a little worried about what tomorrow is going to bring (we've been teetering on the edge for days), but if it's a bad day, we're going to be making a trip in to see the GI like we discussed last week (not looking forward to having to take her anywhere on a bad day). Please continue to keep my girl in your prayers!

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