Monday, May 6, 2013

Everybody is tense!

Again, not really sure how much Reagan slept last night. She woke several times crying out (usually because she had rolled over onto her face). Mike got up with her each time and was able to get her back to sleep (the Lortab helped a little). Both Reagan and Ryan were wide awake and ready to get up at 6am today (ugh)! Reagan has been tense all day, but OK. During OT she let out a couple fusses to let her therapist know she was not happy, but she held it together. She had school this afternoon and her teacher kept it low key and she did OK with that as well. She's just very tense, lots of movement, hands constantly in her mouth, not a fan of talking or loud noises (like her crying brother)! Speaking of, Ryan was SUCH a handful today. Crying, hitting, biting, and throwing himself on the floor...I'm not sure what to do with this kid! I reinjured my back today, trying to catch him (before he hit the tile) as he threw himself back in a temper tantrum! It was a trying day to say the least (leaving me in tears)...and I even had help today! My mom had to go back home tonight so I have no clue how I'm going to manage mentally or physically tomorrow. I just have to pray that Ryan will behave himself and that Reagan will as well! We're taking Reagan in to the GI doc tomorrow to discuss this whole formula fiasco (them putting her on a 20kcal/oz formula from a 30kcal/oz and her losing 6lbs)! I've already started slowly increasing the concentration...I started at about 22.5 and now we're at 25. Hopefully she tolerates it well and can put that weight back on (or stop losing at the very least)! Tonight she's been making these little burpy noises over and over again. Not really sure what that's about (reflux maybe?). I fed her some bananas and mixed berries around 6pm and she really seemed to enjoy it...I sure hope that's not what is bothering her! Thank you for your continued prayers!

My sleepy girl yesterday

Sleepy (with an attitude) today!

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