Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Austin bound?

Reagan slept all night last night and woke up a sweet girl again this morning. She had vision therapy this morning and the therapist brought her 4yr old and Reagan really seemed to enjoy interacting with her. She had a great session...boy are we going to miss our vision therapist! On the moving front...we're still looking at moving sometime this summer (probably July)...but it looks like we're going to be moving to Austin (instead of Dallas). My Dad/Stepmother and stepsister & fam all live in Austin and we've always wanted to move there, but I'd be lying if I didn't say that I'm sad to not be moving closer to my mom. Well, we will be closer, 4hrs instead of 5, but 30min would have been so much better! Anyhoo, so that's about all we know right now. No definite dates or plans just yet. Have packed a couple boxes, but I have an entire house to do so that's a little overwhelming! Back to the day at hand...Reagan had a good one, but a little on the sleepy side again. She dozed off around 11:45am and then slept til 4pm (she missed school). Her speech therapist needed to come late today, so that worked out perfectly. No real eating today, just licking on a butterscotch lollipop...she's been a little chokey, coughy the last couple days. I'm wondering if she has some sort of allergies/sinus drainage going on...even her brother has been a little sneezy maybe? She sure has been a sweet girl though. Hoping (and praying) she continues to have good days. Early morning opthalmology appt in the medical center tomorrow morning...should be fun.


jocalyn said...

So glad you'll be in Texas still! Hope ophthalmology goes well tomorrow! And I know you'll still have a great vision teacher in Austin! IT IS the mecca for vision services in Texas! Enjoy your weekend :)

Clarissa said...

are you moving for job reasons? praying it can all go smoothly.. moving is hard work! praying for reagan always!