Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sleepy girl

Reagan slept well last night. She slept in a little this morning, but then woke up happy and smiley around 9am. She had a big dirty diaper right away and then was very calm and relaxed afterward. Legs still, hands down by her side, very unlike her. She was a little gurgly in her throat, so when her OT came at 10, we skipped the oral/feeding. We did take advantage of her reduced tone and her OT put her AFOs on her during therapy. She made it about halfway through OT before falling asleep. She then proceeded to sleep the most of the day finally waking up around 4:30pm. She woke up happy and giggly, so we took her and her brother for a walk. I did notice that her movements picked back up after our walk. Her hands were in her mouth and she was kicking her legs so much she kept turning sideways in her chair. She calmed down considerably when I picked her up and she had even dozed off right before the night nurse got here. She woke up the second I stood up with her and then she had a second wind and was giggling and bright eyed for the nurse. She finally settled down and fell asleep with the help of clonidine and Daddy cuddling with her. Hopefully she's able to sleep tonight and she has a good awake day tomorrow!

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