Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sleepy day

Reagan had a sleepy day was a dreary, overcast/rainy good day for it! She slept all night last night and then kept sleeping this morning. She woke up for a brief period (maybe 45min or so around 10am), and then she was back asleep for the rest of the day! She was moving around a bit sometime after 6pm, so I went in and saw that she had a wet diaper. As I turned her over to change her, I saw that her tube had popped out and she was leaking yellow intestinal fluid all over the place! Who knows how long it had been like that, with her leaking and her pump pumping formula out onto the floor!?!? Ugh. So I had to strip her down and change all of the clothes and diaper and in the process she did finally wake up! She was happy, but tense (she was "crunching" a lot with hands tangled up in her hair). She stayed awake for a couple of hours and then finally dozed back off in my arms (I think she likes to be helps to calm her nonstop movement). I'm hoping she wakes up and has a normal awake/good day tomorrow!

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