Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sensitive but good

Reagan slept last far as I can tell. I was up a lot with her brother. He had been sleeping better the last few nights (waking only once) and then POW last night he woke up several times again. Exhausting. I did notice the last time I got up with him that Reagan was moving around a bit in her bed, but she was quiet, so I left her. When I got up at 8am, she was wide awake. She's been a good girl today. She was still a little groggy this morning (reminiscent of yesterday morning), but she perked up a bit as the day went on. She was sensitive to Daddy's voice this morning...he tried to talk to her and immediately she teared up and gave the frowny face...but she settled down without crying and was fine the rest of the day. That is, until tonight when I saw a roach creeping across the floor by her chair! I let out a squeal and jumped up in the air, and Mike (who is deathly afraid of these things) ran over and squashed it with a shoe! With all of the commotion, I didn't notice that Reagan was totally freaked out (probably my fault) and she had a frowny face that quickly turned to tears! Poor girl. She was upset...with mommy in particular! Daddy was able to calm her down and then she was fine the rest of the night. Other than those two incidences, it was a pretty good day for her. Her hands and feet were cold and clammy, but she was content and even giving us little smiles. Not sure where we're headed. This is uncharted territory. I'm hoping we're headed back toward good days (and so is Grandma, since she's driving in tomorrow morning)! Thank you for keeping our girl in your prayers...

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Heather said...

A roach? Seriously? I would have screamed and so stomped that thing myself!

Hoping and praying for good days ahead. For you. From Grandma and for Reagan especially.

I will call this week. Really. I will..