Sunday, April 14, 2013

Still sweet

Reagan slept well last night (and I didn't have to give her the clonidine). She woke up this morning still sweet, but serious. She got more smiley/happy as the day went on, but not quite the same as yesterday. She was a little sensitive today and even more so tonight. She's also still very stiff...tonight she was wearing silky pajamas and I could barely keep her on my lap! I took her out on the swing again today but she's just so tense in her body, I'm not sure how much she enjoyed it. At least her got to spend some time outside away from her brother! He's such a whiner...I know she's got to get sick of him!


Jamie said...

Sweet Amazing Reagan...:) Loving her pig tails and her swing :) And oh the little trickster brother of hers! LOL Just makes me chuckle.

charity said...

love the pic of reagan in the swing with the bubbles floating in the air