Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Quiet but tense

Reagan slept some last night. She's definitely been a little more restless the last few days and that's showing up in her sleep pattern as well. Today the chorea has been a little less, but the cold clammy hands and feet have been brutal! She appears more calm and relaxed (despite being very sensitive to noises), but she's still very tense and stiff in her body. For example, I gave her a bath tonight and she couldn't relax at all...she was so tense laying on her back and had her knees pulled in so tight to her body, she was almost kneeing herself in the face!! She's been a good girl today though, despite the obvious war her body is waging against her. Not a lot of smiles, but some subtle ones here and there. She had private speech, school speech, & school today and did well for them all. She's still a little spitty (something we haven't noticed in quite a while)'s not pouring out, but it's enough where we are having to wipe her mouth every now and then. Tonight she finally had a dirty diaper on her own (the last couple she's needed my help), so I'm hoping maybe she'll feel a little better. No idea what tomorrow holds (we're going to keep our fingers crossed for good days), but I'm hoping she at least gets some rest tonight!

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