Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Less crazy

Reagan woke up around 2am last night...thankfully our night nurse was here. She picked her up and held her and eventually she fell back to she just held her the rest of the night. She's been a good girl today. Less crazy than yesterday, which is a good thing. There were a few times where her brother's temper tantrums were beginning to agitate her, but she handled it well. She's been sweet and smiley all day. She had speech and school today and she did well for both. She's still super tense in her body and she was a little gurgly in her throat today so I didn't feed her. Her temperature regulation was way off cold hands and feet but she sweated through her pajama top! She wasn't looking sleepy tonight so clonidine came to the rescue again! Praying for good sleep (for everyone) and a good day for my girl tomorrow (especially since the nurse has already called in sick and I'm going to be flying solo tomorrow)!! Time for this mommy to get some sleep...

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