Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hint of crazy

Reagan slept fairly well last night...she woke around 5:30am, but then dozed back off an hour or so later and slept til 8. She's been a good girl today with a hint of crazy! Every so often she'll let out a squeal that lets you know...I could freak out at any moment if you don't play your cards right! She kept it calm though and some how, some way we avoided a meltdown today! She was less excitable this morning. She had OT & Speech and she did well for both. I fed her an entire container of pear strawberry granola baby food and she seemed to enjoy it! Who would ever thought, my girl...an eater! Afterward, we went on a long walk with Grandma...two miles through the neighborhood (a little too long for my taste)!! Ryan loved it at first but was clearly fed up at about 1.25miles. Ryan just cut his two upper lateral incisors and boy, he's been a piece of work! I'm hoping he settles down over the next couple days otherwise he's going to be crying it out very soon! Reagan was definitely escalating as the day went on (more crazy squeals). I tried giving her some Lortab around 7pm...it didn't do a thing. She was still wide awake and still very high strung. Tonight just as the night nurse was getting here, she started getting more agitated. I gave her some clonidine and thankfully that settled her down and she fell asleep. She doesn't appear to be in a very deep sleep though, so I'm hoping she's able to get some rest tonight. This is definitely one of those nights I'm glad we have a nurse here...just in case!

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