Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hanging in there

Sleep was not great last night for Miss Reagan. She slept, but she was restless and woke fussing and Daddy had to go in there and calm her down. When she woke up, I could hear her pump beeping (I was assuming it had just gone off)...but what I later realized, it must have been beeping for hours (poor girl, no wonder she couldn't sleep) because there was way too much formula left in her bag this morning (meaning it hadn't been running). Ugh. Always something. She woke serious but calm and although she gave us the frowny face several times this morning, no major meltdowns and it turned out to be a pretty decent day. She's still off. A little drowsy and super tense in her body...cold, clammy hands and feet. But she was a good girl. She had a make up session of speech and she did well with that and then Mommy fed her an entire carton of apple cinnamon oatmeal baby food!! She wasn't too interested in eating yesterday, but today was a different story! I'm still not sure which direction we're headed...but Grandma is here so I'm hoping she continues to have good days!!

Snuggling with Mommy tonight

He climbed up there himself! 


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