Thursday, April 18, 2013

Day 14

Reagan slept most of the night last night. She fell asleep on her own at 9pm (second night in a row) and then slept through til 4 or 5, when she woke up laughing! She laughed for an hour or two and then fell back to sleep. She woke happy and had another good day today. She's not 100%...but she's definitely not having a bad day either! She's still doing the crazy laughs here and there, she looks a little pale to me, and tonight her temperature regulation is a bit off. She had OT early this morning and did well with that and had speech immediately afterward. She ate another almost entire container of baby food (only a few bites left)...this time bananas and mixed berries. Then at 2pm, she had PT and was not a fan of all of the stretching, but she pushed through it. No walk or swinging outside today, as the weather was pretty nasty. It was a dreary sort of day and she seemed to be a little on the groggy side most of the day...although I'm not sure if she ever slept more than a few minutes or so. Tonight she dozed off at 9pm again, but she was back awake by 10 and giving the night nurse giggles. Hopefully she gets some sleep tonight and can wake up happy tomorrow for an unprecedented Day 15 good day!!

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