Monday, April 29, 2013

Better day

Reagan slept OK last night. She woke a couple times fussing but Mike was able to go in and get her back to sleep (he said she kept rolling over onto her tummy and then getting stuck). I was a little worried and not sure how she was going to wake up today, but she actually ended up having a pretty good day. She was a little serious and tense when she first woke up, but she loosened up quickly and was even giggling for us. Lots of things going on today...OT this morning, vision/OT at noon, and then school at 3! Busy, busy. She did really well for everything. I'm so glad she seems to be feeling better. It was a rough's been a while since she's had such a tough couple days. Definitely glad to be done with it. Hopefully now she'll have another long stretch of good days! Brother is finally getting over his teething woes. He's still a major handful (today he escaped out the front door because one of the therapists didn't close it all the way...we caught him just before he got to the step). Definitely a walker now (no more crawling)...and a climber. Today he climbed up into Reagan's wheelchair. Yesterday he was climbing into the stroller. Opening every cabinet (even with the baby locks) and somehow managing to pull things out. Pulling things off shelves and grabbing things off counters. Can you say TROUBLE?!?! He's lucky he's so cute.


Heather said...

Um, he kinda looks like Mike, you think??

What a cutie. Seriously so darn cute.

Sorry Reagan's week was so bad. Was hoping the good days would keep rolling. Hoping that a nice long stretch has begun now.

Love to all. This weekend and yesterday were out of control crazy. Hoping to call after Zoey's therapy tomorrow.

Clarissa said...

continued prayers!