Friday, April 12, 2013

All the noise, noise, noise, noise!!!

Reagan slept OK last night. She woke around 5:30 and then was up for a little over an hour and fell back to sleep around 7am. She didn't sleep long though with her noisy brother up and about! She had PT this morning and did surprisingly well for that (except she still wanted her hands in her mouth nonstop)! She's been in a similar mood to yesterday. Vocalizing here and there in her "I might freak out soon" sort of voice! It kind of reminds me of the noise the baby Velociraptors made in Jurassic Park. It's almost this cute, playful sort of sound and if you didn't know better, you might think she was actually happy and encourage it. But the second you do, she'll bite your hand off!'s a fine like we walk when she's like this...the smallest thing can set her off. The ipad...not a good idea on days like this. Stander...probably a bad idea too. And the mowing outside...she likes that least of all!! On any given day/time in our neighborhood (other than Sundays maybe), someone is getting their lawn mowed/blowed. We live in a neighborhood where most of the people are of retirement age and therefore no one...and I mean no one...mows their own lawn! Since we moved into this house our lawn mower has been out of the garage maybe once ever! It's just easier and not that expensive.'s LOUD!  They use high powered equipment that makes SO much noise and Reagan is definitely not a fan...especially on days where she's already on edge! And Ryan, well, it's hard for him to take naps with all the noise as well. And never fail, both of our kids will decide to sleep in on Saturday morning, when our next door neighbor's yard men show up at 8am on the dot! Weed eating just outside Reagan's bedroom window! Ugh! Can you say annoying?!?! So this afternoon, all was quiet outside so we decided to let Reagan swing outside for a while (while brother napped). Of course someone from across the way had to fire up their lawn mower, but it was so far away it didn't seem to bother her. After about 45min on the swing, her nurse took her for a walk (Ryan was still sleeping so we stayed behind). Ryan woke up about 20min later and we stepped outside to watch for sister. Well, wouldn't you know it, our neighbor's yard men pulled up and fired up their engines only moments before Reagan and her nurse walked up! I yelled at the guy but he couldn't hear me, so then I started signaling for him to cut his engine...he turned around and walked the other way! Finally, I had to run up to him with Ryan in my arms (I was this close to punching him in the face) and screamed at him to TURN IT OFF!!! Finally he complied and we were able to get Reagan back into our house without a major meltdown! She really has been a good girl today! Ryan had several screaming tantrums and she tolerated them well. I'm still not feeling great and now Mike and my mom are both coming down with similar symptoms, so I'm hoping for a quiet and calm weekend for everyone's sake!


Heather said...

Sorry you all are not feeling well. sure hoping it is short lived and everyone skips anything major. Seems early for springtime colds.

I tell you, my light sleeper, crappy napper Joe, without fail, when he was little, no sooner had I put him down and he had finally gone to sleep, did the lawn people come. Everytime. Drove me crazy.

See I have a voicemail from you. Haven't checked it. Sure hope it wasn't an emergency! Not that I have been very good in the friends department for that sort of things but I will check it in a bit.

Danny and Caitlin and Charlotte came home last night and were over all day and into the night. so glad to have them back.

Hope you have a good and uneventful weekend. Sounds like your mom is there. Enjoy your time wit her.

Reagan Leigh said...

My mom isn't here this weekend, but she was here last week (when she obviously picked up the same thing we've got)!