Friday, April 26, 2013

A bit off and a little sleepy

Reagan didn't sleep the night through again and the night nurse was holding her this morning when I got up. She was in a good mood though and very smiley and sweet. Still spitty and a little chokey. She was pretty laid back all morning. She didn't have any therapy today, so it was a bit of a lazy day. This afternoon as we were trying to feed her, she kept closing her eyes like she was trying to fall asleep. She ate about half a container of food and then she dozed off 30min or so later. She slept several hours and then woke up around 7pm...but she was not happy. I was able to change her diaper, but she didn't want us to interact with her at all. No talking, no picking her up, definitely not amused by her brother's antics...nada. She just wanted to sit in her chair with her hands in her mouth! They've been in her mouth so much today, they're all shriveled and everything is starting to smell like spit! I'm not sure where this is headed. We've been smooth sailing for quite sometime now, but she has seemed a bit off the last couple days. Not sleeping as well, cold, clammy hands and feet (sweaty back), and spitty. I'm hoping it's nothing. Prayers for my sweet girl to continue her good day streak!!

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