Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tummy problems?

I'm running late tonight (even later than my usual late), so I've got to make this short and sweet. Reagan slept fairly well last night. Our night nurse was here and she said that Reagan was very restless but she did sleep. She's been a good girl today, but she did have a couple more of the crying episodes like we saw last night (where she screamed and cried and held her breath, like something was really hurting her). She had two more dirty diapers maybe it is just her tummy giving her problems?!?! Overall she's been good us laughs (even though at times they are a little crazy). She only had OT and speech's an easy week since school is out for spring break. Tonight we've got a new night nurse orienting...hopefully to pick up an additional two nights a week (giving us 4 nights a week). That will be good because it will cover most of the week nights, so Mike doesn't have to get up with her and if he goes out of town on business, I'll still have some help! I better get to's almost time for Ryan to wake back up (he's still waking up several times a night, ugh)!!

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