Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Too much sleep

So...it's been a weird couple of days for our girl. She slept nearly the entire day Sunday, even more yesterday and then the entire morning today! She had me texting her doctors discussing possibly taking her into the ER to get checked out (and moving up her MRI scheduled mid April). We decided to just wait and see, since all of her vitals looked good and she was having short periods of awake time each day. She finally did wake up just before 2pm today...just in time for PT! She was awake and happy the rest of the day. She's definitely a little on edge, tonight she was close to tears a few times just from something as simple as us talking too loud, a commercial on tv, or her brother fussing! I picked her up tonight and was holding her (in the poo poo position) and she finally went (it had been several days) so I'm hoping that settled her tummy and helped her feel a little better! Speaking of tummy...this morning when I was giving Reagan her medicine I noticed her pump extension was plugged into her G-TUBE!!! (nothing goes into her g-tube...everything is supposed to go in her j-tube) Needless to say, I freaked out! I have no idea when it came out and when it was hooked up to her g (the new night nurse denied doing it...a whole other issue)...but I'm amazed that Reagan didn't seem to have any nausea or negative repercussions from it. So maybe we'll discuss this with her GI doc next week and see what he thinks about trying to give her something through the g? I know she's got extremely slow gastric emptying, so it may not be possible, but it can't hurt to discuss. Hopefully my girl sleeps tonight and WAKES UP tomorrow and has a good awake day!


Diane said...

Hopefully Reagan wakes up soon. We call it hibernating here. The longest Abby has gone is about 2 weeks- but had to drag her out of bed to make her eat,drink, restroom- and she would fall asleep in her food... I hate the hibernation periods- mostly I fret about muscle tone with Abby- not moving makes her issues much worse..
Your birthday party looked beautiful! The decorations were amazing!

Clarissa said...

I'll admit, sometimes I WISH Abigail would have some really sleepy days... she does have days where she is more sleepy than normal and will take a few 10-20 minute naps throughout the day, but a hour+ nap would be awesome!! :) I can understand your concern though, since whenever anything seems off with Abigail, it makes me nervous! Praying Reagan is having a good day!