Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sweet girl

Reagan slept well again last night, of course, we had a night nurse! She actually slept in a little and then woke super sweet again! She's had a good day today. She had OT and speech first thing this morning and then we headed in to town for an appt with Reagan's Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation doctor (PM&R). She said Reagan looked great and definitely more calm with less chorea than usual. Her spine looks good and her feet, well, they're never going to flatten out (but what's more important to us, flat feet or her comfort...definitely comfort). She did say that Reagan was showing signs of precocious puberty (ie breast buds), but that in her opinion, we shouldn't do anything about it (apparently the only issue with it is not growing to their full height potential, and I'm not sure we need Reagan to be ridiculously tall anyway). I think we probably should talk to a endocrinologist about this, but for now we won't worry too much. After our appt, we came home and Reagan had PT and then stood in her stander for an hour. She really has been such a sweet, easy going girl today! Praying for more good days to come! Tomorrow is our long awaited neurology appt (if you remember, the last time we went to see her, we waited 3hrs and then she was whisked off to surgery and we never got to see her at all)! We should finally get the results of her 24hr EEG.


jocalyn said...

just getting caught up on blogs...from the last year :)
can't wait for your big move!! i think you guys will love dallas! i do!

bryna said...

I was wandering if you have ever tried a blended died for regan? I have read some information as well as a few blogs where there had bin great results in switching there kids from formula to a blended died.