Monday, March 11, 2013

So miserable

Reagan slept well last night and then both she and her brother slept in a little this morning. As I was getting her medicines ready I heard a loud yelling cry, so I ran into her room and I almost woke her up! She was still asleep! It was her brother!! Unfortunately, that was a foreshadowing event..because when she did wake up a little later, she was crying as well! Today was definitely a bad day. My poor girl. SO tense and SO miserable. She was very bitey and did manage to get her finger in her mouth, but I pulled it out before she took a chunk out of it (she did loosen her tooth a little though). Luckily, both Clonidine and Lortab seemed to help her today, so when she woke screaming, we were able to get her back to sleep fairly quickly. Actually tonight she fell asleep on Mike without any medicine and he was able to put her to bed early. Hopefully she sleeps tonight and wakes feeling MUCH better tomorrow. Please keep her in your prayers!!!

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