Friday, March 29, 2013

Neuro appt & walking

Reagan slept well last night and woke this morning a sweet girl. I was nervous, but sure enough, there was the smile! She's been a good girl again today. We had her follow up with the new neurologist this morning. We were there for more than 1.5hrs before we saw the doctor and Reagan had already dozed off again! We got the results from the 23hr EEG she had last month and it actually looked pretty normal! No seizures (which we already knew), but no spiking either. She said that it was a little slow (which is common/expected with developmental delay), but it wasn't even that slow. I like the idea that the word normal was used when referring to her EEG. Pretty amazing if you know everything she has been through and how chaotic and awful her EEGs once were. I've decided against doing the MRI. It's something the new doctor wanted, but if we're going to change doctors when we move, it doesn't make sense to do one now. Not to mention, it's not going to tell us anything that would change her treatment, and I don't want to risk putting her under anesthesia just so we can see what's going on in her brain! This afternoon Reagan had Speech therapy and we dyed Easter eggs! We've never done it before and it was a mess, but still fun. I think she enjoyed it. Overall she's had a good day today. She was a little sensitive for a bit, but she was fine after another little nap. Hands and feet have been cold and clammy today, so not sure what that means. Hopefully we have another few good days left. We never know with this girl! Ryan has been super fussy/needy today. I'm not sure if it's the fact that he just got another tooth in on the bottom (and has two more on top that look like they'll be through any day). But he did start walking today...had to show off for Daddy since he just got back from out of town. He's been taking a couple of steps at a time and cruising along everything for a while, but tonight he took several steps across the living room (multiple times)! He kept standing up and walking over and over he knew he had finally figured it out! He's going to be all over this place soon!

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