Wednesday, March 20, 2013

More normal

Reagan slept most of the night last night. She woke a couple of times, but went back to sleep after a quick diaper change. She woke up happy again this morning...this girl, she continues to amaze and surprise us! She's had a pretty good day today. For starters, she was awake ALL day! She's been very laid back and calm most of the day. Her hands and feet have been nice and warm...overall she's just been a little more normal. There were a couple of times where someone's tone of voice set her off a little and she got over excited...but she kept calm and carried on! She had speech at noon and she did very well...gobbling up some pears with oatmeal and cinnamon! Then this afternoon she had school and she enjoyed that as well! Such a sweet girl. I hope she continues to have good days. Is it possible she slept off her bad days?? Maybe wishful thinking...but one can hope!

This is a painting my mom whipped up for the party! It's fish with Reagan and Ryan's hands!! (She did this in 30min or so the night before the party...wish I got some of her talent/creativity!)

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