Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Reagan slept well last night and woke up this morning all smiles and super sweet! It really has been a great day for her. And what makes that even more special is that today is Reagan's 6th birthday!! She had OT and then speech this morning and then we packed up and went to the mall! We went to Build A Bear and Reagan picked out a bunny! She seemed to enjoy the whole experience! Then we ran by Gymboree, of course, and I stopped by a bakery to buy her a cupcake for later. We headed back home and she had PT and then her therapist put her in her stander and she had vision therapy while standing! Afterward we left brother home with our neighbors while we took Reagan for a quick pedicure. They didn't massage her as much as I was hoping (so we'll have to go somewhere else next time), but she got her first pedicure and she's got some cute pink toes to show for it! Such a great day for my girl! I have LOTS of pictures that I'll have to upload tomorrow. Tonight she did get a little nauseous and threw up a few times (I don't even remember the last time she threw up...I'm wondering if the cupcake icing made her sick). I'm going to switch her over to pedialyte just to be careful. Hopefully she sleeps tonight because our new night nurse was a no show! Keep it in your prayers that she feels better and that the cold feet she had this afternoon have nothing to do with the days to come!  



charity said...

happy belated birthday reagan

The VW's said...

Happy 6th Birthday sweet girl!!!