Friday, March 1, 2013

Glad to be home

Reagan actually slept fairly well last night...and that's despite nurses coming in and checking her temperature and blood pressure multiple times (apparently her bp was a little low). Unfortunately, Mike didn't fare as well...he had a hard time sleeping and then woke up with a stiff neck! Ryan slept well, after not sleeping all afternoon and then crying the whole way home, that will do it! We were up early and back at the hospital by 8am this morning. When I got there both Reagan and Mike were still sleeping. I had to give her some medicine and it was then that I saw that her bag of formula was still completely full! Daddy didn't realize that he was supposed to reset her pump when he started it up last it ran for a minute or two and that was it! Nothing all night long! On a good note, Reagan woke up in a MUCH better mood this morning! She's actually been giving us laughs all day. There was one point, right before they came to take her leads off, that I could tell she was starting to get frustrated again. I gave her a dose of clonidine and she mellowed out and slept through most of the removal process as well as the whole drive home! We're glad to be home. It actually went much better than expected (considering her day yesterday), so I'm glad we did it and got it out of the way! Time for bed. Tomorrow is Ryan's 1st birthday...

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