Sunday, March 24, 2013

Getting better

Reagan slept well last night and we all slept in a little this morning. Today has been a better day for Reagan. She was still very tense this morning and didn't like being messed with too much, but she got better as the day went on and by tonight she was a giggle box! She's got one tooth right now that has been poking out for a while but it's still not loose enough to pull. I looked at it tonight and it's got something red around the gums and I think we might need to take her in to have it looked at. Speaking of teeth, Ryan has a new one on the bottom right (that's 5 for him). Oh...Ryan! He has been SO BAD lately. So fussy and so whiny! I don't know if we can blame it on teething or not...I'm pretty sure he's just a brat! Well, time for bed. We've got a busy week of doctor's appts ahead of us...hopefully Reagan has a good week. Please continue to keep her in your prayers! (and go back and look at Friday's post if you missed the birthday pics)

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charity said...

hoping for good days this week for reagan. and hopefully ryan will start to calm down and not be whinny anymore for u