Monday, March 25, 2013

Dallas bound

Reagan slept well last night and then had a good day today. She's been sweet and a bit giggly today. She had OT this morning and school this afternoon and she did really well for both! I'm really going to miss her therapists...and her teacher/vision teacher! We're going to move in the next couple months! Mike's branch is shutting down and he's taking a new position (within the same company) and they want us to move to Dallas! Originally they were trying to talk us into moving to California, and then we were thinking maybe Austin, but the decision has been made for us and they want us in Dallas! My mom is thrilled (she and my sister both live in the Dallas area) and I know several special needs moms in that area, so hopefully I'll be able to get some good recommendations for everything for Reagan. Please keep us in your prayers through this transition period. It's going to be rough moving...especially leaving all of our wonderful neighbors here. They have really become family and I'm not sure what we'll do without them!


Elizabeth said...

Wow- big news! It sounds like Dallaa will be a great place for you. You will definitely be In my prayers as you make the transition.

Diane said...

Oh sounds like a great Move! Being close to family is a gift these days!

charity said...

sounds like dallas will be a good place for you. hopefully u can find good therapists there for reagan