Thursday, March 7, 2013

A little stressed

Reagan was restless last night. She slept, but mostly in the arms of the nurse. She was awake all morning and while she was happy, she was still a little stressed/ on edge. She made it through speech, OT, and PT but then started to get a little over excited so I gave her half a clonidine. It knocked her out for the rest of the afternoon. She woke back up around 7pm and she was awake until 11:30pm. Mike and I went out tonight to watch a band play. We were only there for maybe an hour but it was nice to get out (we never do anything like this). Our sweet neighbor and our former Bible study leader came over to help with the kiddos. Ryan was exhausted and went down before we left and Reagan was starting to get agitated right as we were leaving, but a dose of Lortab seemed to do the trick and keep her calm while we were gone. I think they were actually entertained the most by the dog! I'm just glad everyone behaved themselves and we had a few moments to ourselves! Now...time for bed!

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