Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sweet smiley girl

Reagan slept last night, not great, but she did get some sleep. Thankfully we had a night nurse last night, so she was able to sit up with her and eventually get her back to sleep! On a good note, Reagan's been a sweet, smiley girl all day today. She was actually a little more laid back today than she's been in a while. Less on edge. She still wasn't a fan of loud talking, but overall she was good. She had a very busy day therapy-wise. She had OT, then private speech, then speech through the school system, and then school! Busy, busy...and she did great with everything. She did get a little excited while "coloring" during speech, but we were able to talk her down and all was good. Tonight her night nurse and I attempted to put her dynamic night braces on. Reagan was NOT a fan. She didn't cry, but the smile that had been present all day long, immediately disappeared! And she became very rigid, making it very difficult for her nurse to hold her (it was like she wanted to stand). We took them off after only 30min and she was VERY red. It's definitely going to be a process getting her to tolerate them and it also looks like they may need a few more adjustments. Needless to say, it's 12:30am and she's still wide awake, so I'm hoping the clonidine will kick in soon and my girl will actually get some rest tonight! Hoping for continuing good days for my sweet girl.
(Please keep my friend Heather's family in your prayers tonight...they are suffering an almost insurmountable loss today and can certainly use every last prayer they can get!)


The VW's said...

Love and Hugs for your sweet girl! Praying for her, and praying for Heather!

Anonymous said...

Praying for Heather's family.