Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Snotty snorty kiddos

Reagan actually slept all night last night! (Thank you God!!!) Ryan slept til 3am and then he was up a lot after that. Reagan has had a better day today, but she's still definitely off. Still very tense. Prefers to be left alone (but she did make it through 3 therapies today without a problem). She still has super cold, clammy hands and feet. And she's been very nasally/snorty...even more so after using saline tonight. She's been coughing & gaggy too, but I think that's from the sinus drainage more than anything. Ryan has been pretty miserable today so we took him in to the doctor and he has an ear infection (probably from all the sinus drainage). So we've got a couple kiddos that are not feeling well right now! Please keep it in your prayers that they both recover quickly!!

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