Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Smiles for my girl

Reagan slept well last night and then slept in a little this morning as well! She woke up around 8:45am and I was thrilled to see smiles once more! She's had a good day today. Things were a little busy this morning. She had OT at 10am and during OT a vision therapist from the school system observed her for her 3yr evaluation. From about 11-12 the vision therapist worked on different things with her, accessing her vision the entire time. At noon her speech therapist came and worked with her some more. She was definitely a little sensitive to talking and didn't like her therapist talking to the nurse one bit! We managed to keep her calm though and she's been pretty calm the rest of the day. She had a few instances where she was starting to get a little vocal and you could tell she was getting agitated (especially with her brother fussing), but as long as you redirect her and don't let it get out of control, she's good. Her brother has been a total handful today. I don't know if it's teething, the sinus infection, or he's just a brat?!?! He has been a mess today! Lots of tantrums, scratching, hitting...seriously, when are they old enough to spank?? Something tells me this kid is going to need some spankings! Hopefully he'll sleep it off tonight! Hoping and praying both of my kiddos wake up happy tomorrow!!

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