Friday, February 1, 2013

Slightly better day

Reagan fought us a little last night in the sleep department (as did her brother). She kept waking up so Daddy would go lay down with her. The second he laid down, she'd fall back to sleep...but the second he tried to get up, she'd wake back up!! Needless to say, none of us slept very well last night! Reagan woke up smiling though, so we were pretty happy about that! She's been a good girl today. Still a little on edge, still very vocal (especially when she's getting upset)...but overall slightly better than yesterday. She had PT this morning and OT this afternoon and she did well with both. We're just really hoping she can hang on and have one more good the walkathon is tomorrow and we'd hate for her to have to miss it! Come on Reagan, you can do it!!! Tonight she dozed off without the help of I'm hoping she'll get some good sleep tonight as well. Thank you for keeping our sweet girl in your prayers!

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