Friday, February 22, 2013

Sleep all day

Reagan was wide awake last night (even though she had been up all night the night before and all day yesterday), that is, until I gave her clonidine. She dozed off almost immediately and then slept all night and the entire day today! She never really woke up...she opened her eyes a few times when we were changing her diaper or changing her position, but she was never awake for more than 5min all day. Poor girl. She needed her rest! Hopefully she'll wake up tomorrow feeling rested and happy! Her brother has been a real handful lately (but what's new). He'll be turning 1 next Saturday and if this is how he is at 1, I'm afraid for 2!! He's SO needy, he's still not sleeping well, and he's biting everything he can find (including me)! The other day after his haircut, he started scratching his head. Then the next day he was scratching it like crazy! I gave him a bath, washed his hair twice, but it didn't help. I called the doctor and they wanted me to bring him in the next day to get it checked out (to make sure it wasn't ringworm). So I gave him didn't help. The only thing that seemed to help was putting a hat on his head! Anyway, the doctor doesn't think it's ringworm (thank God), but we're still not sure what it is! She's thinking contact dermatitis. Either the product they put on his head during or after the haircut or possibly something from the scissors or comb. Ugh. First haircut and immediately problems! I just can't win. He's still got redness and little red bumps that he scratches at occasionally. Sensitive skin...just like his sister (and his mother). I was hoping he would avoid my weird allergy issues but that doesn't seem to be the case. (Please continue to keep Lucy in your prayers...)

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Diane said...

Hate allergy scalp! Poor baby- itchy scalp can drive you batty! Abby and I both have to be so careful about hair products, shampoo's- even the tree pollen right now- if we are outside we wash our hair before bed.. hope it was just the solution they soak the scissors and combs in- that should be easy enough to avoid mostly.
Hoping a good day of solid sleep and Reagan has a great day today!