Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Just wonderful

Ryan was just awful last night (I'm guessing it was teething, but who knows), crying and making a commotion...while Miss Reagan slept like a log!! She was awake when I went in to get her this morning, but there was a stinky diaper that I think must have been the culprit! She has been a doll today. So sweet and so precious! Very engaging and attentive. Just wonderful! This morning we had a follow up with the mito doctor just to get the results of her exome sequencing that was ordered over a year ago!! The results were similar to what our friend who sequenced all of our genomes had already found. There is one potential mutation that can be ruled out by checking Ryan, so we'll probably do that at some point. While we were there, we also had some labs drawn for the EPI-743 study by our favorite phlebotomist. She's been sticking Reagan for years and always recognizes us and remembers exactly which vein is best in Reagan's arm! Reagan is such a pro with blood draws, she barely even flinches! I can't imagine how bad Ryan will be...especially considering he's never even had a shot!! When we got home Reagan had OT and then PT. She did great for both. Afterward we took a nice long walk outside...we have to enjoy the low humidity while we can!! Tonight we have a night nurse so Reagan shouldn't be a problem...now if only her brother could cooperate, maybe we could all get some sleep!!!

I actually have some video of the nurse telling Reagan to touch this bee...which she did over and over again!!

This is a weighted pillow pet!

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