Thursday, February 21, 2013

Much better

Reagan was up the entire night last night. Thankfully we had a night nurse and she was happy to sit up with our girl and keep her company! And Reagan wasn't crying or that's a definite improvement. She's been a good girl today. Obviously she's feeling much better, even without sleep. She didn't doze off even once though. Her temperature regulation is definitely off  (cold hands and feet and sweaty back) and her chorea has increased (those legs are kicking nonstop), but she's been a sweet us smiles and laughs. She was a tad sensitive to noises and voices, but overall good. This afternoon we went for a walk and our neighbor Uncle Johnny met us on our way back. He loves his little girl and Reagan sure does love him as well. He tells anyone and everyone about Reagan! She brings as much joy to him as he does to her! I'm hoping my happy girl is here to stay (and hoping she can get some sleep tonight)! Looking forward to a relaxing weekend, as next week is going to be super busy with appointments! (Please say some extra prayers for Lucy as she will be having yet another surgery Friday/tomorrow!)

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