Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Good day...little meltdowns (and first haircut)

Reagan slept well last night but then at 6am she woke up crying! Mike went in and tried to soothe her and she quieted down but then started crying again (and woke her brother up)! We had no idea what was going on! I went ahead and just got up with them both. She settled down and was OK the rest of the day. Not sure if she was having tummy pains or what? She was actually pretty laid back today. She had three therapies...vision, speech, and PT and she did well for all of them. Then this afternoon we took a walk. The weather was great again today. So cool...no humidity. Unfortunately it's not going to last! It looks like we're going to have rain the rest of the week! Reagan was great all day but had another little meltdown tonight when I was talking to Mike. She even had tears! Again, no clue what set her off. I think it was us talking...but who knows. Grandma left tonight. Everyone is going to be sad about that. Ryan especially. He's a little attached. This morning we had his hair cut for the first time. Pretty cute! OK...time for me to get to bed. Enjoy the pics!

This morning...in matching jammies!



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The VW's said...

Your children are so precious!!