Sunday, February 17, 2013

Getting better

Reagan slept really well last night and she actually woke up in a decent mood. She was very calm and dare I say sweet. She fell back to sleep and took a nice little nap. She missed Grandma's arrival, but her brother took full advantage of that! When Reagan woke back up, she was not as happy. She had knitted eyebrows and wasn't thrilled to see anyone. She cheered up a little as the day went on and actually had a pretty decent day. She was pretty calm most of the day, but preferred to be left alone (and still had very cold, clammy hands and feet). Her chorea picked up a little tonight and she was having a hard time sitting still. She gave us a few laughs and smiles before finally drifting off to sleep. I'm hoping she's back to her normal happy self by tomorrow so she can enjoy some time with her Grandma!

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