Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bad day

Reagan dozed off last night without the help of clonidine and with a smile on her face...unfortunately that didn't last. Even though she slept the whole night through, she woke up this morning with a vengeance, crying and upset every waking moment. Clonidine really seemed to help today. We used it this morning and then again this afternoon and both times it seemed to immediately calm her down and allow her to fall back to sleep! Overall, not a horrible bad day. Yes, she was pretty upset this morning (and each time I changed her diaper), crying her breath away and turning purple. But she slept a lot and this afternoon she was even awake for a little while without crying. Tonight she dozed off without any medication and was looking so sweet and peaceful. I'm hoping she can get some sleep tonight and wake up happy for Grandma who is coming to see her tomorrow!


Diane said...

Well I hate to hear that! Fingers crossed she woke up smiling and ready for Grandma today!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Grandma has put a smile on that sweet girls face. Hope the little one gets a break from the teething soon.