Monday, February 4, 2013

Bad day, sick boy

Reagan didn't sleep very well last night. She was tossing and turning a lot. She woke up and fussed a little too...which was not a good sign! (Of course, her brother was waking up every 20min or so crying, so it was a LONG night!) And was a looooong day! It's been an awful day for my girl. She woke up crying and cried all day long! Poor girl. The only thing that seemed to help her a little was clonidine. The only time she wasn't crying, was when she was asleep. Tonight she did have a little stretch where she was awake and calm tonight, but it was short lived and the crazy came back (and the arm restraint had to go on). I'm hoping she'll get some sleep tonight and wake up tomorrow feeling a little better. To top it all off, Ryan is sick. He's got a super runny nose and he's been super needy/fussy all day today (and a low grade fever tonight). I guess Reagan's congestion that started last week must be a little cold that has been passed on to her brother! Lovely. Please keep both of our little ones in your prayers...they (and their mommy) have had a rough day.

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