Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bad day & 23hr EEG

Ryan gave me another run for my money last night! He was relentless! I got up with him but then he'd either fall back to sleep and wake crying the second I laid him down, or he just wouldn't fall asleep and then scream when I tried to lay him down! Not good, not good. Reagan was snoozing and Reagan's night nurse even considered going to pick him up because he was being so rotten! We resisted though and eventually he fell asleep and stayed asleep. Unfortunately, shortly thereafter Reagan woke up crying! The beginning of a bad day. Crying, flailing, trying to bite herself! Clonidine didn't work but Lortab did help her fall back to sleep. So today was a definite bad day, but thankfully she slept off and on. We went ahead and pushed on with the 23hr EEG. While it added a whole new element of difficulty to the situation, I think it's good to get a picture of what's going on in that brain during one of her bad days (although it would have been my preference to get some bad AND some good). Anywho...I managed to get all of her meds in her and formula ready early tonight and left Daddy up at the hospital with Reagan. If you ask me, I think he got the good side of that bargain. Ryan SCREAMED nearly the entire drive home (of course he did, he refused to take a nap longer than 15min all afternoon). Hopefully that means he'll sleep tonight! And hopefully his sister will behave and sleep for her Daddy. We'll be headed back to the hospital first thing in the morning and should be done around 2pm tomorrow. Please keep my girl in your prayers! I'm hoping she gets over these bad days quickly and recovers for the weekend!

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Laurie said...

Hope all goes well with the rest of the EEG and you get some useful information! I can so relate to the screaming child in the car - Trace still does it almost daily and it's awful. Hope Ryan gets better with it :-)