Saturday, February 2, 2013

2013 UMDF Walkathon

Last night was another rough one in the sleep department! Reagan woke around 3:30am and she was very restless. The longer she was awake, the more fussy she got. We tried clonidine and then Lortab and eventually she did fall back to sleep. After all of that, she slept in this morning not waking up until after 10am! We were very nervous as to what kind of mood she was going to wake up in, but we were pleasantly surprised to see big eyes and smiles!! She has been such a good girl today!She's still very nasally/snorty (ever since she slept all day on Wed, she's had a stuffy nose). Her temp regulation is a bit off today as well. Clammy hands and feet and super sweaty back. Chorea has kicked into high gear as well. But our girl is holding her own and still smiling and being a sweetie. She was great for the walkathon (despite some very loud music) and she seemed to enjoy all of the attention. Her brother was sick of it about halfway through the 5k. We had a good turnout, lots of family, friends, and therapists and we raised just under $5000 for the UMDF. I'd like to thank everyone who donated this year, as it was an especially difficult year for donations (we raised about half that of previous years and the entire walkathon only raised about 1/3 of previous years)! The weather was was a sunny day with the temperature reaching just under 80 degrees...maybe a little too much sun for a 5k on the hot pavement! We took lots of pictures, so I'll have to post those tomorrow. Here are a couple until then...

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