Monday, January 28, 2013

Waste of an appt

Reagan slept well last night (unfortunately her brother didn't have a repeat of the night before and he woke up quite a few times)! She woke up happy and she's been in a great mood all day. She woke with a dirty diaper so we immediately changed her into her clothes for the day. She was all dressed and ready to go to her appt (and we were already running a little behind) when we went to pick her up and found she had pooped AGAIN only this time it was all over her chair, all over her new clothes, it was everywhere!! Eventually we got her cleaned up and we were on our way. Of course, we were about 10min away when I realized we had left her stroller at home!! Thankfully Ryan's Maclaren Quest was in the car so we were able to use that (and just carry Ryan). The interesting thing is, since it has an extendable leg rest (that her Triumph didn't have) keeping her feet out of the wheels and off the floor, it actually works quite well for Reagan...who knew?!?! We got to the building and I realized I didn't know what floor this neurologist's office was on. I asked the lady at the information desk and she told me the 7th floor. We went up to the 7th floor and walked back and forth several times, but didn't see any sign of it. So we had to go all the way back down to the first floor and ask again. She said maybe the 5th floor. So then we went up to the 5th floor and they told us it was on the 7th floor!!! Ugh. We went back up to the 7th floor and finally we stumbled upon the office...I don't know how we missed said Cardiology on the door!! Anywho...we signed in and they tell us it will be a minute. An hour and a half later, we are still sitting in the waiting room!! Ryan is fussing up a storm because he hasn't taken a nap and is hungry! I talked them into putting us in a room (so I could at least feed Ryan) and we waited some more. A resident came in and got all of her history, my concerns, etc... He was very thorough. After waiting some more, the nurse practitioner came in. He informed us that the doctor had been called away to a surgery and that we had to talk to him instead!! Seriously?!?!? What a waste of an appt. After all the hassle of getting there and all the waiting and we still didn't get to see the doctor!?!? Ugh. So...long story short...we're going to get her in for a 23hr EEG and then reconvene. They also want her to have another MRI at some point, since it's been a couple years since her last one. So despite all we went through, Reagan was a complete angel the whole time. She's had the laughs today (unsolicited laughs, but more sweet than crazy) and was super cuddly. So glad she's feeling better. Probably thanks to the two dirty diapers (it had been almost a week without one)!


Heather said...

Well that was a fun day, uh?

Never a dull moment and don't you wish there were?

Hoping and praying for lots of good days in a row. You all are certainly due for them.

Love to you all.

Diane said...

Had similar happen- I swear I was tempted to start handing them a bill for my time!
Glad Reagan was in a great place to enjoy an outing yesterday.

charity said...

its been over a yr since iv actually seen the neurologist. usually we see the nurse practitioner and are in and out within 10 minutes. mind you the drive is over and hour so its always a waste of time