Thursday, January 31, 2013

Vocal and a little on edge

Reagan slept well last night. After sleeping all day long, she woke up right before the night nurse got here at 10pm. She was happy and sweet and the night nurse was loving it. She finally dozed back off sometime around 11:30pm. She slept but it was a restless sleep. Her nurse put her in bed but picked her back up and took her in her therapy room because she was moving around so much in her bed. She did sleep though, so that's good. She woke up a little congested. I don't know if it was from all the sleeping yesterday and breathing through her nose or what (she wasn't congested the day before). The fingers have been constantly in the hair or in the mouth again today, but what can we do, she does what she wants!! Overall she's been a good girl today but very vocal and at times an agitated/on edge vocal. There were a few times that we thought she was going to meltdown completely but she did recover and we made it through the day without any tears. It was touch and go though. She did OK with OT this morning, but did NOT like her therapist talking to the nurse. Again during Speech she had another mini meltdown and then during PT she was crazy vocal pretty much the entire time. So not a great therapy day. Tonight she's been super vocal, but it's almost like she's trying to talk to us! She's finally giving us some yawns at 11pm, so hopefully that means she's going to sleep tonight! No night nurse tonight!
One last reminder...this weekend is the Houston UMDF Energy for Life Walkathon, so any one that wants to join us, please register now! And if you can't join us, please consider donating! Definitely a worthy cause! Now...we've just got to get Reagan to cooperate with us and continue having good days at least thru Saturday!!!

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