Wednesday, January 2, 2013

UMDF Energy for Life Walkathon

We have exactly one month until the 2013 Houston Energy for Life Walkathon! Last year was amazing, we had so many friends and family come out to support us (despite the cold and rain) really was a great experience! Not to mention, we raised almost $11,000! I admit, I do get a little down about how each year it gets harder to get donations. I guess people think, "But I donated to that last year! Done!" But it's not done. There is still no cure. And as parents we have to sit and watch as this "rare" disease (which is far more common than people think) takes our kids from us! Please help us to spread the word...the only way to find a cure is to increase funding to mitochondrial research...and the only way to increase funding is to increase awareness!!! If you live in the Houston area, we would love for you join us on February 2nd at 2pm at Sam Houston Park (Downtown). You can click on this link to join our team Rallying for Reagan! And if you don't live nearby, you can still participate by donating or just by talking to someone about mitochondrial disease and a precious girl named Reagan who has it! Thank you for your support and thank you for your continued prayers for our girl!!!

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