Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sleeping beauty

Reagan slept the whole night last night...and then the whole day today! I guess I wasn't all that surprised. She did have the laughs yesterday and the day before (and the laughs are usually followed by a day of sleep). She did wake up a couple times today but only briefly. Once this morning when I had to get her changed so we could escape out of the house while the exterminator sprayed (we've got fire ants that have invaded our house and we're not sure where they are coming from). She did get slightly agitated, but I think that was because her brother was being so fussy and high maintenance! I gave her a half dose of clonidine (since she skipped her dose the night before) and then she was back out! So needless to say, no therapy was done today and I had to cancel school once again (she hasn't had "school" since before Christmas break)!! Hopefully our little sleeping beauty sleeps tonight and wakes up a happy girl tomorrow! Time for this mommy to go to bed!

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