Friday, January 25, 2013

Rough day

Reagan did not have a good night last night (to say the least). She woke up around 3am crying. Daddy tried to get her back to sleep, but it just wasn't happening. I gave her another dose of Lortab and he moved her into her chair where she eventually fell back to sleep. Today has been much of the same. Waking up, crying the whole time she's awake, and then eventually falling back to sleep usually with the help of medication. We did finally try the morphine today. We started at a low dose and didn't see much of a response after the first dose. We kept the second dose the same but it seemed to work a little better (although she would still wake up occasionally thrashing around and crying). Thankfully we didn't see any signs of an allergic reaction and her breathing doesn't seem to be affected at all (I was very nervous after the whole methadone incident). The doctor told us we could increase it, but there's no chance of me doing that at night. I also picked up some samples of a new formula Nutramigen AA. It's very similar to Neocate and EleCare, but it's worth a try. Again, I'm not going to make any changes at night, so I'll start her on it in the morning. Please keep it in your prayers that our girl sleeps tonight and wakes up feeling better tomorrow (and that this new formula is the piece of the puzzle we've been looking for)!

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