Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Still good

Reagan slept well again last night and then woke up all smiles again this morning. She's been in a great mood today. Very smiley, very content. Really no agitation whatsoever. She had OT this morning and PT this afternoon and did great for both. After PT we took her out on her tricycle, it was so nice outside. We made it all the way to the end of the driveway before noticing her front tire was completely flat! Reagan sat in the grass with Grandma while I went from neighbor's house to neighbor neighbor's house and still couldn't find an air pump (Mike had ours in his truck)! Oh well. At least she spent some time outside! All in all, it's been a great day for my girl. Her feet were a little cold tonight, so she is starting to have some temp regulation issues again, I'm just hoping she hangs on for at least one more day! We're supposed to go pick up her new AFOs tomorrow, so I really need her to behave! She's fighting sleep right now, but we have a night nurse tonight so I know she'll be well taken care of. Hopefully she sleeps!
(On a side note...I missed a call from the GI doc today. He was calling with the results from Reagan's allergy testing last week. She has a severe allergy to egg whites. "So just keep eggs out of her diet and we should see significant improvement in her symptoms!" Really? You mean the diet that consists of nothing but Neocate Jr?? (which just happens to be hypoallergenic and egg free?) Seriously. I guess he forgot which patient he was dealing with. Needless to say, I called back and left multiple messages, but never heard back from anyone.)

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Clarissa said...

those pictures are beyond cute! I'm so glad she has had a few good days! Praise God!!