Thursday, January 10, 2013

On edge again

Reagan slept all night last night and then woke up this morning in a seemingly good mood. She's been smiley, but she's also had her moments today as well. She did fine for OT this morning, but shortly thereafter when her speech therapist was squeaking a toy, Reagan went ballistic and I had to go in and calm her down! She's actually done that several times today. Something sets her off, whether it's a toy, therapist, mommy (yes, me getting any where near her tonight was setting her off), and she gets crazy vocal and almost in tears! She's still very congested and her nose is runny. She's doing this chokey/coughy thing again, but I really do think it's because of sinus drainage running down the back of her throat. Poor thing. I hope it's nothing. I also hope she can somehow manage to give us a few more decent days because we've just had way too many bad days lately. The last two Fridays in a row were BAD days...I really don't want to continue that streak! And then there's brother! He has been awful today...especially this afternoon/tonight. I'm not sure if he's not feeling well or what (his nose has been a little runny too), but at one point tonight I couldn't get him to stop from crying! If he's not better by morning, we'll be heading into the pediatrician first thing! Please keep these two in your prayers! We all could sure use some better days!

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