Thursday, January 17, 2013

New GI, New ideas

Sleep was about the same last night. The night nurse was here, so Reagan spent most of the night on her lap sleeping! It's been a pretty good day for my girl. She had OT this morning and PT this afternoon and she did well with both (and even made it 45min in her stander before a stinky diaper forced us to take her out)! After OT, we headed to Reagan's GI appt. We were seeing a doctor per recommendation of her regular GI...he thought he might have some new insight. He also is at the satellite office that is about 10min from our house! I don't know if it was just the time of our appt (10:50am) or what, but the office was empty and they took us back immediately. We waited a little while in the room but as it turns out, the doctor was going through Reagan's chart and actually familiarizing himself with her case beforehand (what a concept)! He really wants to get to the bottom of what has been plaguing Reagan (and us)! The first thing he brought up was her formula. Why Neocate Jr? Does she have any allergies? What if she's allergic to something in this formula? If allergies aren't the problem, maybe it's bacteria. Overgrowth of bacteria in her GI system could cause gas accumulation that could also be painful. So treatment with an antibiotic might be in order. Something to increase her gastric emptying. Is she for sure still having acid reflux? These are all things we are going to look into. He took a lot of blood and we're going to reconvene once he gets the results. (Oh, and he also lives in our neighborhood!) So definitely a productive glad we went! Tonight Reagan has been a little gaggy and a little laughy. Some crazy laughs...especially when it was time for bed. I'm hoping she'll sleep tonight. No night nurse tonight! Thank you for checking in on our girl! Hopefully good things will be happening for my girl in the future! She deserves it!


Diane said...

He sounds very helpful! it would be wonderful to reduce that GI pain for her. He sounds like he will leave no rock unturned-good!

Clarissa said...

Sounds like a great doctor! I always love when a doctor really dives into Abigail's chart, researches options, and actually WANTS to get to the bottom of a problem. Something that very FEW doctors ever do! Sadly.
Abigail has been using EleCare Jr. for a few years now... it is Hypoallergenic, "for severe food allergies and GI disorders". Not that it has really helped her... except in the poop department, she was constipated before EleCare, but now it's pure liquid. (sorry if TMI). Anyway, I've often wondered why a doctor hasn't done a full workup on Abigail for allergies, especially with two of my boys having food allergies. I guess that's something I should bring up to a doctor. You'd think that with GI problems, a doctor would look at that possibility! Hmmm... its got me thinking. Anyway... glad Reagan had a good day yesterday... praying she slept well last night for you all! God bless!

Heather said...

Well it is always refreshing to find a doctor who WANTS to help. That cares and is willings to do all that needs to be done, that can be done, to help.

Been gone all day. Phone-less till a few hours ago. See you called. We will talk again soon. Promise.

Hoping today was a decent day for Reagan. Darling picture by the way.