Friday, January 18, 2013

Laughing the day away

Reagan slept well last her bed! She woke up and was kicking and laughing around 6am but then she fell back to sleep and slept til 8:30 or so. She's had the crazy laughs today. Big time. She's seriously laughed all day long! It's certainly better than crying, it's still a little odd. She was real laid back and calm this morning. Very little chorea, a little groggy. Then this afternoon/night she's kicked it into high gear and she's kicking around nonstop! Her temp regulation is back off again. I noticed when I gave her a bath tonight her left arm was bright red (kinda like her ear gets). Not sure what exactly that is, but it's obviously linked to the temp regulation issues/dysautonomia. She's also been gaggy off and on today. She was more so this morning, then it faded and then tonight it's back a little. She's also doing the weird arm movements that resemble a startle. She's been doing it off and on tonight (and blowing on her can also cause her to do it)...I don't like it. Looks too much like what she used to do (although she has had an EEG when she was startling in response to blowing on her and they were NOT seizures). I'll definitely bring it up during her neuro appt on the 28th (I also took a video of it, just in case). I'm hoping she's able to sleep tonight...praying we can get these laughs to ease up, so she can get some rest!!

Toothless smile!


T said...

I am loving the pictures of you with your little brother Reagan! I bet you are a very good big sister.

Anonymous said...

Curious - have you ever caught the laughing on EEG? My son does the same thing with no obvious reason and despite my best efforts, I cannot catch it on EEG and despise dragging the ambulatory around. I read about gelastic epilepsy, though, which would explain it, though not in the way I'd like.

The VW's said...

What precious pictures of your cuties!