Monday, December 31, 2012


Reagan slept well last night and woke up this morning smiling. She's been a good girl today. Smiley and sweet. Still a little chokey at times, but not as bad as yesterday. There were a few times she got a little vocal and sounded like she was about to lose it, but we were able to calm her down each time and somehow avoided a meltdown. We definitely need more good days, so hopefully she hangs in there and stays happy (and healthy). My dad and stepmom were here with us over the weekend and last night she started feeling bad and this morning she felt awful! She went in to a ready clinic today after going back home and she has the FLU! Not good. Not good at all. Ryan has been super needy today and taking longer than usual naps, which makes me a little nervous. I started Reagan on Tamiflu (Ryan's leftover medicine)...hopefully she avoids it. Please continue to keep my girl in your prayers! We were without power tonight for 2hrs or so...Happy New Year! The power is back on now, so that's good. Time to go to bed (now that it's 1:30am)!

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