Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Reagan slept well last night. She woke up smiling this morning and has been a good girl again today. She still has her moments where she makes a high pitched squeal and seems like she might cry...but so far, so good. No tears. She was especially sensitive today as we were taking her out of her stander and her brother started crying...she did not like that one bit! Her eyes got red and I saw the fat lip, but we avoided a meltdown. Her temperature regulation has been slightly off today. Her face will get flush and hot and clammy, while her hands and feet are cool and clammy. Her nose is a little stuffy but not too bad. She's also still a little chokey/coughy here and there, which makes me really nervous considering she's been exposed (again) to the flu! My dad said my stepmom is really miserable right now! Then tonight I got a text from Reagan's night nurse and she said she's been coughing a lot and has flu like symptoms!! Great! She carried Reagan around nonstop Thursday and Friday nights last week! I just want to reiterate that you CAN get the flu even though you've been vaccinated (they only vaccinate against one strain, so you can still get other strains)...and not every one gets a fever with the flu either!! My stepmom was vaccinated and still got it, and while Ryan had a high fever, I never had one at all! Please be careful!!! That cough or sneezing you're doing could be more than just allergies (and you could be extremely contagious)! The flu can be lethal to someone with mitochondrial disease! Please keep our girl in your prayers...she definitely needs to avoid this one! 


Diane said...

Glad to hear she has had some better days, but sure hope she doesn't get the flu!

A number of our friends had the flu shot- they have all had the flu so far this year. Apparently the strain they covered isn't the issue but a couple unexpected strains are causing problems..

Nothing upsets me more then folks out and about with clearly flu and cold symptoms- I just want to scream, wash your hands, don't touch the produce, and cover your mouth! :-) Best yet, go home.

charity said...

praying she wont catch the flu.

Abbey said...

I pray she doesnt get the flu.

I think the flu shot gives people a false sense of "I'm okay!" thus actually further spreading the flu. And its dangerous - nearly killed my son after he got his. Never again!

FirePhoto23 said...

The flu shot covers a bunch of strains of the flu. But there are still so many strains out there that aren't covered. A lot of people I know that have had the bad flu going around did not have the flu shot. And those who have had the flu, didn't have it so bad...The Tamiflu should help if she does have it... Which I hope he doesn't!